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Awadh Export Impor Privacy Policy

Awadh Export Impor welcomes you to the world of export-import. We are fully promised to our users and this Privacy Policy has been written to safeguard and clear the usage of user data that we ask and collect from you. Our Privacy Policy respects and protects your interests (orders and finances) and places your interest in our services. We will cover a series of significant norms in this Privacy Policy. And, you will have to provide your consent to rules, regulations, and policies that we put in place as enforced by the law of our country and laws of protection and application (not limited). We ask you humbly, to not use Awadh Export Impor services in case you do not agree with any or all of our policies.

Gathering Data

This is the declaration of all the personal information that we may ask of you within the course of your relationship with our platform. It starts from the registration and goes through security purposes. Your data may include i.e. proof of identity, demographics, taste, and preference details. To access our services, you may have to provide your PAN, GST number, bank, credit card details, etc. We ask you for this information to maintain a healthy relationship with our users and interact with them daily. We may also ask you to provide information about your buying behavior, device location, voice, and facial features, browsing history, and other significant data now and then.

Data Usage

Awadh Export Impor assures you that we use all security measures to protect the data collected from our customers as per our principles and laws of the country. The data that we collect from you is considered to help magnify your experience with Awadh Export Impor. We always present the best-fit products of your choice and may send you emails, text messages, or alerts as and when understand what you might like. Awadh Export Impor is focused on enhancing the user experience with the secured services and always try to resolve or troubleshoot issues by maintaining the “non-disclosure” law.

Usage of Website Cookies

Awadh Export Impor may collect cookies that are stored on your device to collect information such nature of your internet usage, the visitor of our website, your interests, etc. The cookies are tiny files that are stored on your hard drive. The cookies help us to bring new products and improve our services. On this website, we offer various features that are carried forward by using cookies.

Data Sharing

Awadh Export Impor has been abided by the law to share your personal details with the regulating bide or court for maintaining a smooth running of our business and service. However, it’s totally your choice whether you want to share your personal information with us or not.

Other Website Connections

Awadh Export Impor owns the sole right of all the products and services that we offer and to wit, we have no links to any other entity or website with us. However, we may share your personal details with third parties, our affiliates, or those organizations that help us to run our services.

Consent and Data Retention

Once you visit our website or mobile app and share the asked details, it automatically means that you agree with this Privacy Policy. You must know that we never encourage retaining personal information any longer than it is considered needed. But we may retain it as suggested and enforced by the laws of government without disclosing them to any third party other than the regulating bodies.

Modifications in the Privacy Policy

We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time. But we also make you clear that we never make a change in our Privacy Policy without giving you prior information or you taking your consent.

Contact for Queries

Regarding any query or confusion with this Privacy Policy, you are suggested to get in touch with our team by writing to us or connecting with us via any of our social media handles, or phone.